"ALDAG Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning Ind. & Trade Inc.” is a well known, half a century aged, 100% Turkish, HVAC (Heating Cooling & Air Conditioning) manufacturer Company, in Istanbul.

“HVAC” product range of ALDAG, as the core business and main expertise, consists of many different types and sizes of ALDAG designed & manufactured units/equipment, which consists of a wide spectrum, from fans & fan coils, air handling units to the chiller units, including HYGIENIC units/equipment for hospitals etc.

Besides standard (ready to deliver off the shelf) units/equipment; ALDAG can also design and manufacture units/equipment in accordance with the technical specifications & requirements, which are defined as "tailor/custom made"​ units/equipment, specialized only for the related projects.

HVAC units/equipment designed & manufactured by ALDAG are in service today, in a wide range of service locations/purposes, from hospitals, shopping centers to factories and governmental facilities. Foreign trade capacity of ALDAG is also increasing each year.

In general ALDAG has exported many different type and quantities of equipment to a wide range of countries. Some of them (in recent years) are: Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria. Most of these products were exported by the construction companies for the hotels, sport centers, shopping centers, industrial facilities, governmental buildings and hospital projects in different countries. Detailed lists based on equipment types can also be checked in ALDAG’s web site

ALDAG also provides after sales and support service activities in coordination of the central office & 2 factories in Istanbul and Manisa Akhisar with an organization consisting of Regional Headquarters & service stations located in all regions of Turkey and additionally in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan as a leader HVAC Company. In order to be replied quickly & directly, you can contact with

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