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Quality and Environment Policy

ALDAĞ has the mission of;

ü Considering the pursuit of "customer satisfaction" to be a priority, over any other issue in the Company,

ü Beautifying our environment,

ü Aiming to manufacture high quality products by believing that the improvement of quality of the HVAC market is based on investing to human resources and training,

ü Following the changes, transformation and technologies in the market,

ü Carrying the mission of increasing the level of welfare level of our citizen.


At the same time;

ü To develop an “environmentally friendly production” principle with the understanding that it is a duty to leave a better world to future generations,

ü To prioritize protecting nature, human and environmental issues in manufacturing processes.


ALDAĞ commits to comply with all legal regulations by applying Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series rules in all our activities.

It is ensured that this policy is adopted, implemented and continuously improved by all ALDAĞ employees by providing the necessary training.

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