ALDAMED (HYGIENIC) Product Catalogue
All hospitals and clean rooms should be compatible with hygienic standards as known.

It is not possible to create a hygienic environment in places where there is no climatization and ventilation because of production of particles and micro organisms within the environment. Aldamed Hygienic Type Dx HVACunits are specially designed for the health care industry and clean room applications. Operating rooms, intensive care rooms, clean rooms, biotechnical laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food industry, beverage industry, data centers, sterilization rooms should becompatible to hygienic conditions and potential application fields.

Fresh air is filtered against dust, microorganisms, odor and anesthetic gases in order to be compatible with hygienic standards.At the same time with air quality, the parameters of the area such as temperature, humidity, positive & negative pressure are kept under control. The Aldamed units are manu factured as standard with 2 different types in 3 different capacities in the range of 2,500 - 7,500 m3/h airflow.

Electrostatic powder painted steel profiles constitute the main frame. The interior skin of double skin decorative panels ismanufactured from 304 quality stainless steel sheet metal suitable for hygienic conditions. The exterior surfaces are made up of galvanized sheet metal painted with electrostatic powder paint and the panels are insulated with 50 mm thick rockwool. Sealing on panels and service doors is provided with specially manufactured hygienic seal. There are no sharp corners on the inside surfaces of the device to hold dust and dirt. The device is easily washable and dis-infectible. By the help of sight glasses and lighting elements, the device can be controlled at any time and service can be provided with service doors.

The air-to-air heat recovery exchanger is manufactured from aluminum plates with high sealing. Thanks to the crossflow air movement of fresh air and exhaust air, the energy efficiency of the unit has been increased by a saving between 50- 60%. The plate heat recovery unit is only available in compact types.

The units are designed with state-of-the-art innovation high-efficiency compact EC plug fans. The fan motor is electronically controlled to keep airflow volume and pressure constant according to the need. Fans are selected according to the total pressure to match the pressures of the all components together with static pressure coming from the ducts.

A multi-stage and high-efficiency filtration system has been applied to purify the conditioned fresh air supplied to the area from particles. Multi-stage filters used in the unit are respectively, G4 and G5 filter and F9 rigid bag filter. In addition, a G4 quality filter is used on the exhaust outlet. By this filtration %95- %99 particle filtration is provided. DIN 1946 / 04 : 2008 hygiene guidelines are taken into account in sealing tests. Filters, together with stainless steel frames, easily removable.

Steam humidifiers are preferred because of hygienic standards. According to the proportional feedback from the microprocessor, the humidity in the application area is adjusted between %45 and %55 RH. All the connections of the humidifier is done in factory. Water and discharge connections are on the side of the unit. It is important that the feeding water is clean and the lime content is low as specified in our user guide.

The evaporator coil is manufactured from stainless steel frame and gold anodized coated aluminum fins and copper pipes.

Hot water coil is optional. The coil is selected to operate with standard90 / 70 °C hot water but can be selected according to project specifications.

It is installedon the unit with 1 - 2 or 3 stages according to the heating capacity. DIN 1946 / 04 : 2008 consists of Cr - Ni resistors in accordance with hygiene norm. Equipped with safety limit thermostat. It also ensures the dehumidification of the air. In the case of hot water coil selected in the unit, the electrical heater capacity is only as high as the dehumidification function and selectedas one stage.

Reliable, long-lasting, silent running hermetic scroll compressors are used. Also, DC Inverter compressors are available as an option. Compressor cooling capacity is determined according to %100 fresh air conditions, Compressors start and stop according to need. Suction and discharge valves, sump heater and over current relays are available as standard. Eco-friendly R-407C, R-410Aor R-32 refrigerants are available.

Drier, sight glass, thermostatic expansion valve or electronic expansion valve, high pressure switch, low pressure switch, liquid valve, superheat thermostat are available as standard. All components are designed to be installed out of hygienic airflow.

PCO3 CarelMicroprocessor is used. 18 - 24 °C ± 1, 50% Rh ± 5 set conditions can be provided. With the RS485 Serial Board, the remote-control screen can be connected to building automation system or the remote-control screen can be used for distances up to 150 m. Humidity and temperature, pressure and airflow volume, filter dirt control can be done. Parameters can be traced from the microprocessor screen are,
• High pressure
• Low pressure
• Filter status
• Insufficient air volume
• Heater position
• Supply air temperature
• Humidifier position
• Low temperature
• High temperature
• Low humidity
• High humidity
• Compressor overload
• Fan overload
• No power
• Schedule
• Compressor maintenance time
• Fan maintenance time

Air cooled condenser. High heat transfer efficiency condenser coils. Condensers are equipped with silent axial fans. Fans are controlled with the pressure level of the refrigerant together with the compressor. The compact type condenser is in-builttype and the exhaust air is passed through the condenser before discharge. Thus, thanks to thermodynamic heat recovery principlewith low condensation temperature, high EER is achieved.Axial or radial fans are used according to the unit capacity. In case of insufficient return air flow, additional condensation fans come into play with high pressure warning. Split type air cooled condenser is separate and installed outside. They can be manufactured in horizontal and vertical types. Every compressor has a separate cooling circuit.

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