ALDAPOOL Dehumidifying AHUs are used for dehumidifying of indoor swimming pools with the aim of getting moisture and ensuring the desired temperatures according to the season conditions. (%50 to %55 Rh humidity at 28 °C swimming pool water temperature, 30 °C indoor air temperature) Specially produced in 8 different types and capacity for indoor swimming pools with a water surface area of 500 m2 from 50 m2.

ALDAPOOL unit consists of exhaust fan, supply fan, heat recovery coil, dx cooling coil, hot water coil and electrical heater sections. Hermetic scroll compressors are used as standard to ensure the gradual provision of moisture removal and cooling cycle. Optionally, DC-Inverter compressors can be used.

ALDAPOOL units are equipped with an automation system specially designed for the dehumidifying cycle. Thanks to this control system, the swimming pool area is automatically set to the desired conditions with the options of “Summer”, "Winter Night" and "Winter Day". The control logic is set totake fresh air according to fresh air enthalpy when suitable. The device is delivered as a whole package with electrical control panel installed on it.
The casing construction of the unit is composed of galvanized steel profiles. Electrostatic powder painted panels and service doors are 50 mm rockwool insulated, Components (fan, motor, coils, filter case, etc.) are epoxy painted in order to be resistant to chlorine (Designed and manufactured in accordance with the conditions of DIN 1886.)

Direct expansion evaporator coil is designed to cool down the air to the dew point for condensation. Coil is copper tube - aluminum gold anodic wings and the coilframe is coated with epoxy paint to be resistant to chlorine and long-lasting.

Condenser Coil is copper tube - aluminum gold anodic wings and the coil frame is coated with epoxy paint to be resistant to chlorine and long-lasting. The coil is designed to operate as a condenser coil, in addition it ensures to reheat the dehumidified mixture air.

Hot water coil is designed to use 90 / 70 °C hot water as standard. Copper tube - aluminum gold anodic wings and the coil frame is coated with epoxy paint to be resistant to chlorine and long-lasting. With the freezing thermostat, the coil is protected against freezing. Optionally, superheated water and steam coils can be selected. Step controlled electricalheater is on duty during the season changes and when the central heating system is not working.

The electrical heater control is controlled in 1-2 or 3 stages according to its capacity. If the temperature on the electrical heater exceeds 60 °C, the safety thermostat would stop the electrical heater. This feature of the device is a precaution against the motorfailure and with the fans in operation, the excess heat in the unit is exhausted so that it does not damage the system.

Heat - Pipe heat recovery coil set is designed completely as a closed system and refrigerant is charged for heat transfer. By evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant, the heat is transferred to fresh air while pre-condensation of hot and humid air absorbed from the swimming pool area is provided. Copper tube - aluminum gold anodic wings and the coil frame is coated with epoxy paint to be resistant to chlorine and long-lasting.

Double inlet, forward curved bladed centrifugal fans are selected according to the desired air volume and static pressure loss.Belt driven fan is installed with sound absorbers to the base frame in order to prevent the noise and vibration.Epoxy painted to be resistant to chlorine.

Efficient hermetic scroll compressors with R407C, R410A or R32 gasare used. Valve sets, sump heater and vibration absorbers, Low - High pressure switches, Liquid freezing thermostats, Sight Glass, Drier and Liquid Valve ensure the system's safe operation. Compressors are protected by over current relays and the standard energy requirement is 400 V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz.
CAUTION: Regulators or special protection relays must be installed on the system for changes at the electricity line (±10%), or for changes between surpluses (±3%).

G4 Class Standard cassette type filter is used and selected at the capacity to hold wide range of dust at air speeds of 1.5- 2 m/s. Optionally, at the fresh air inlet, a final filter of F7 or F8 class can be used.

The Carel PC03 microprocess orad justs the amount of humidity, temperature and fresh air required at the swimming pool area during the winter day, winter night and summer conditions.Turkish and English options are available. Using the RS485 card onrequest, the Modbus Protocol can be connected to the building automation system or the additional control display upto150mt. optionis available.
Inaddition, on the airflow system freezing thermostat, differential pressure switches(Filter dirty and belt failure), highair volume limit thermostat, damper servo motors are connected to the automatic control panel, allowing the system to work regularly.
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Tip   ALP-05 ALP-7.5 ALP-10 ALP-15 ALP-20 ALP-30 ALP-40 ALP-50 ALP MINI
Kapalı Havuz Yüzey Alanı m2 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 500 20
Nem Alma Kapasitesi* Kg/h 11 15 20 32 43 53 65 106 4
Nem Alma Kapasitesi** Kg/h 22 33 43 55 69 88 116 200 -
Isıtma Kapasitesi (90 / 70°C Sıcak Su)*** kW 22 27 47 54 80 103 123 200 -
Elektrikli Isıtıcı Kapasitesi / Kademe Sayısı kW 15-2 15-2 30-2 45-3 45-3 60-3 60-3 75-3 -
Hava Debisi m3/h 3000 4000 6000 7500 8500 11000 14500 24200 1400
Cihaz Dısı Basınç Kaybı Pa 9 11 13 19 24 31 39 69 2,68
Çekilen Toplam Güç kW/h 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 Serbest Üfleme
Boyutlar(mm)   L 3830 3830 3830 3830 4135 4135 4135 4135 1695
  W 1325 1325 1630 1630 1630 1935 1935 2240 350
  H 1540 1540 2150 2150 2150 2150 2760 3370 780
Agırlık   kg 1700 1800 2100 2230 2280 2350 2850 3700 120
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