AKF 4-way cassette type fan-coil units are decoratively designed to be installed to false ceilings. They are used to provide desirable comfort conditions for heating and cooling of the environment (with hot – cold water). They are suitable for both 2 pipe and 4 pipe applications.

Application Types;
- Offices, Showrooms, Stores.
- Hotels,
- Hospitals,
- Meeting and conference rooms,
- Cafe, restaurant and bakeries,
- Houses etc.

1. 4-way air flow; homogeneous air distribution inside the room.
2. Thanks to its thin design that it can be mounted on a limited ceiling height. (minimum height is 260 mm.)
3. Easy to install, low installation cost. (Compared with concealed ceiling type fan coil units, no need for an insulated duct connection)
4. Standard remote control, optional wall-type cabled control.
5. Automatic swing option. (Advanced3Dsoftware, aerodynamicradialfanandlargediameterturbinedesign.)
6. Low noise.
7. Drain pump with high head pressure (750mm.); easy drain piping
8. Floating switch inside to prevent leakage of drain water. (After the drain water in the drain pan rises to a certain level, the floating switch activates the alarm. Thus, the unit stops the water inlet and stops the fan.)
9. External drainage accessories are optional.
10. Fresh air inlet option.
11. Exhaust air duct connection.
12. Negative ion generator is optional.
13. Grill is optional to prevent hand injuries,
14. Water in the drain pan can be easily discharged manually. (By removing the rubber tap on the drain pan, water can be easily discharged. If the water in the drain pan stays too long, it will cause extremely dirty and very harmful bacteria so, it is very important to discharge the water from the hygienic reasons. Also, it is important in order to protect the drain pump)
15. E-heater is optional
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Ünitenin boyu A1 (mm) 570 730 930
Ünitenin eni A2 (mm) 570 730 930
Ünitenin yüksekliği A3 (mm) 290 290 290
Panelin boyu B1 (mm) 650 850 1050
Panelin eni B2 (mm) 650 850 1050
Kancaların mesafesi (1) C1 (mm) 611 769 969
Kancaların mesafesi (2) C2 (mm) 275 433 633
Kancanın dikey konumu C3 (mm) 239 239 239
Tavan boşluğun boyu D1 (mm) 620 810 1010
Tavan boşluğun genişliği D2 (mm) 620 810 1010
Su girişi konumu E1 (mm) 98 98 98
Su çıkışı konumu E2 (mm) 242 242 242
Su drenaj pompası konumu F1 (mm) 242 242 242
Su drenaj pompası konumu (yedek) F2 (mm) 26 26 26
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